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Painted Hills Grass Fed Beef
Grass-Fed Beef From the heart of the Pacific Northwest comes a grass-fed beef product you can feel good about. You can count on the same great cattle as the Painted Hills Natural Beef Program. These pasture raised cattle are simply maintained on a grass-fed diet for those customers looking for the unique characteristics of grass-fed beef.

Painted Hills Grass-Fed Beef is raised with:
  • No Added Hormones
  • No Added Antibiotics
  • 100% Corn-Free Vegetarian Diet

All Painted Hills Grass-Fed Beef is:
  • USDA inspected
  • Source Verified
  • Locally Pasture Raised
  • Naturally Flavorful
  • Traceable Farm to Fork
  • Angus Cross Cattle

Animal Ethics
Painted Hills Natural Beef ranchers appreciate your concern for the welfare of animals and stewardship of our land. The ethics of humane animal husbandry and resource management are matters of importance that we are happy to share with you.